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Welcome to Pine Grove

Harvest Bazaar & Festival - October 24 & 25, 9 AM to 3 PM

Pine Grove United Methodist Church, 1580 Central Ave., Colonie, will hold its annual ‘Harvest Bazaar & Festival’ on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 24 & 25, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This event will feature booths that include: fashioned and handmade quilted pieces; knit and crocheted items, jewelry, white elephant, Christmas, distinctive glass and collectible pieces, baked goods, books, toys and RADA cutlery.

Lunch will be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Please join us and take a peek at our different look and featured booths.

Support the Capital Region AIDS Walk, September 27th

This event brings together our community to celebrate the lives of friends, family, and our neighbors living with HIV/AIDS. Join in on Saturday September 27th at Washington Park Lake House. Registration sign-in at 11 am and walk at noon. Proceeds benefit the men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS served by The Albany Damien Center and other Capital Region AIDS organizations. See Jean McCoy for registration forms if you wish to walk and/or donate to the cause. You can also register online at

United Methodist Economic Mission in Salem, Maine by Dan Baker

First I would like to thank all those who donated back packs, school supplies and money toward construction supplies for my recent trip to the United Methodist Economic Mission in Salem, Maine.  The ten of us mostly worked on projects around the UMEM buildings.  I lead a group of three that spent two days redesigning and rebuilding a utility trailer they will use to pick up food for their food pantry.  We also helped remodel a bathroom, install a new door in the thrift shop, and stain siding for rebuilding a wall.  A few of us also worked offsite for two days putting in a door and window in a new porch entrance and building a small handicapped ramp for a resident about twenty miles away from the site.

Mission Trip , Costa Rica - Sue Solomon

Despite some travel challenges, Sue Solomon returned safely from her mission trip to Costa Rica with a mix of emotions ~ glad to see family and get some needed rest but sad the experience was over so soon.

Sue was able to work with several teams from around the country as she presented bible school lessons, worked at a feeding program, did some construction work, attended worship service, and even had time for an excursion. Thanks to everyone who donated funds toward this mission. They were used to purchase VBS materials which went to good use in the seven programs she presented.

Strong Missions staff were extremely helpful and supportive in assuring Sue, who traveled as an independent volunteer, was able to participate in many phases of their ministry by working with various teams as they came and went and focused on different areas. In fact, if you look at the photos in their summer blog update, Sue was a (small) part of every one of those projects – with the exceptions of Oscar’s House and Escuela Carlos Maria Rodriguez. Visit for more info. Sue will also be talking about her trip at the upcoming UMW breakfast.

Movie Night – October 10th – presenting “Heaven is For Real”

This movie recounts the real-life story of a four-year old boy, son of a small town Nebraska pastor, who experienced heaven during a near-death experience. Save the Date!! More information will be provided as October approaches.  View trailer

Celebrating Pine Grove UMC Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

On August 24th, a special coffee hour was held. Those who attended were able to reminisce about past events and acknowledge current practices that have made a positive impact on their lives. It was also a chance to dream about

our future. Many wonderful ideas were shared and recorded during this unique fellowship experience.

All the suggestions will be categorized and posted on the Sunday School bulletin board for all to see. Over the next few Sundays, people will be given the opportunity to select the ideas that they would most like the church to pursue. The results will be tabulated and presented at the next Church Council meeting, September 21st. The Church Council would like to thank all who participated in any aspect of this process. With your continued faith, prayers, support and the grace of God, we will work together to make these dreams                                         a reality.

Words of Thanks Received by Pine Grove …

  • The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) thanked Pine Grove for our donation of $375. Through the Advance, the designated giving channel of the United Methodist Church, 100% of this contribution will go to support UMCOR’s response to disasters in the U.S. UMCOR provides comfort to those impacted by disasters like earthquakes and storms, food for the hungry and healthcare to those who otherwise could have none. This is just a sampling of the good works UMCOR does that our gifts help make possible. To find out more about UMCOR, visit
  • Clients from Living Resources presented handmade thank you cards in appreciation for being allowed to practice and then present their Annual Talent Show here at Pine Grove.
  • From Diane H. Hart (Hart Aerobics):
        Dear Rev. Jane Baker,
                  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making Hart to Heart Fitness and our students so                   very welcome at Pine Grove Church.  It has been nearly 2 years that we have been holding our fitness                     classes here and everyone we have come into contact with has been so welcoming, friendly and truly                         Christian.   I would love for you to share this missive with your Board as well, as your sincerity and                             passion to make Pine Grove a "home" to many has yielded such fruitful results. 

                Thank you all for allowing us to share in your holy space to assist the residents of Colonie toward                             improved  health.  Blessings of health and peace.
  • And .. with love from Bill Laney:

        Dear Friends,
              A note to thank whoever put flowers on the altar in my honor on August 17, 2014. I am honored to have                     friends at Pine Grove UMC and miss all of you. Our prayers are with you and may things go well for all my                 friends there and for the church.

Sunday Worship Schedule

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(Labor Day - June 30th)

Our Mission:  The Mission of Pine Grove United Methodist Church is to model and proclaim faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ.

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